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NuclearJobs.com supports sound hiring practices, and advocates the same to employers who post advertising with us.

NuclearJobs.com reserves the right to screen employers who register to post jobs with us, and to determine the applicability of the employer to our unique standards. In addition, NuclearJobs.com also reserves the right to refuse advertising services to employers, even if they had previously been approved. We take pride in our history on the web, our reputation as a resource for job seekers, seasoned professionals and employers, and our commitment to an outstanding employment advertising process. We may, at any time, make a decision based on these principles, or others, to terminate an advertising relationship or a pending employment ad.

Employers are encouraged to read the Best Practices for Online Job Postings as noted by the US Department of Justice.

As a note of Privacy protection for job seekers, we strongly suggest applicants never release social security numbers to prospective employers. In addition, we encourage all job seekers to educate themselves regarding appropriate Employment Policies/ Practices.

This disclaimer is meant for informational purposes. It, by no means, is all encompassing or attempts to detail every situation related to advertising with NuclearJobs.com.

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